Founded in 1972 as a manufacturer specializing in electronic musical instruments, it is no exaggeration to say that Roland has been integral to the creation of modern music for half a century. Roland products have attracted and been loved by renowned musicians, creators, and hobbyists alike. And today, instruments and audio-visual equipment bearing the Roland name can be found in live venues, recording studios, on event stages, and in many other creative spaces around the world. I believe that Roland has been able to continually grow because we have a passion for innovation at our core, while our advanced technological capabilities have created a constant spirit of challenge and evolution. 


I am excited to assume the role of CEO as Roland celebrates our 50th anniversary and takes the next steps on our journey. At the same time, I am filled with determination to lay a new path for Roland while respecting our culture and the innovations we have cultivated over the years, and through this continue with our commitment towards growing the business.


The current climate of pandemic, natural disasters, changing social conditions, and war is fraught with danger, volatility and instability. As people explore new ways of living and working, the creation of music is taking on an increasingly important role that heals and encourages hearts while enriching lives.


Roland must deliver more than just its products to customers today. We must also deliver something even more special— not only the joy of creating music, but also the opportunity to share and spread this passion with family, friends, and the wider global community. This is our mission, and this is the foundation that will support the acceleration of our business.


Please join me and the whole of Roland in designing this future.



CEO and Representative Director
Gordon Raison