Since our founding in 1972, Roland as a manufacturer specializing in electronic musical instruments has continued to develop epoch-making, first-in-Japan and first-in-the-world products; products  spanning many genres of musical instruments including electronic pianos, electronic drums, synthesizers, and guitar-related equipment that offer exceptional levels of quality that meet the demands of all creators of music from professionals to beginners. In doing so, we have established a brand that is known to music lovers around the world.


And now, under the vision for our medium-term corporate plan, "Bring the Thrill and Excitement (of Creative Experiences) to Everyone in the World," we are moving beyond being simply a provider of hardware, or musical instruments, to becoming a company that also provides content, apps, and cloud services as we evolve into a solution provider that offers users the opportunity to experience the joy of music more easily through these services.


In this age of “life with corona (COVID-19),” we are hearing from many people that they would like to use their stay-at-home time to learn a musical instrument, or start playing music again, or stream their videos. We expect people will have more leisure time as we move into the future, and this will create more demand for ways for people to use this leisure time to channel their creative activities. Through solutions that only a maker specializing in electronic musical instruments can provide, Roland connects people around the world to offer exciting creative experiences in the domains of music and video, and in doing so make a positive contributions to realize sustainable societies, foster culture, and enhance the well-being of all people.


We are committed to fulfill the expectations our shareholders and investors have for Roland going forward, and would like to ask them for their long-term support.


Jun-ichi Miki
CEO and Representative Director