Our basic view on the corporate governance

At our company, the corporate governance refers to the system effective in that our Group, which consists of our company and its subsidiaries, increases its corporate value sustainably and autonomously to contribute to increasing the profits of all the stakeholders related to us, including our shareholders, customers, business connections and employees: We will build and promote it.

We establish our Corporate philosophy which represents the fundamental meaning of our Group’s existence and we are determined to realize the Corporate philosophy, so that we will live up to the expectations of the stakeholders surrounding us.

The Corporate philosophy of our Group is summarized in the three slogans mentioned below.  These slogans express for what we are existing and what corporation our Group should be: The idea has never been changed since the time of our foundation.
- Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity 
- Be the BEST rather than BIGGEST. 
- Cooperative Enthusiasm for All Stakeholders

The schematic depiction of our corporate governance is shown below:

Corporate Governance Report